Communication and conflict resolution workshop

On November 19th and 20th, 2014, within the project “Nature of Dalmatia“, a workshop on “Communication and resolution of conflicts” was held. The workshop was led by coach Duška Milinković with the help of project leader Milena Šijan. Employees of all project partners: Sunce AssociationEcological Association “Krka” Knin, PI for the protected areas of Split – Dalmatia, Dubrovnik – Neretva and Šibenik – Knin County participated in the workshop.

The main goal of the workshop was to increase the knowledge about the complexity of communication and improve communication skills. With this aim during the training session, participants became familiar with the communication styles and the roles they take in the conflicts, informed about the importance of active communication, listening and “I” messages. The principles of communication in demanding situations and the relationships, techniques and principles of meetings, as well as the importance of facilitator interventions during the workshops with an emphasis on stakeholder works, were presented.

Through the fun group workouts and role play, the participants of the training workshop have awakened different positions, perspectives and roles in the communication process, and enhanced the importance of taking a proactive role in resolving conflicts, which will certainly contribute to better co-operation between partners throughout the project as well as their day to day work.