Let’s celebrate Earth Day with an Swap Fair in the garden of Skalice Elementary School


“Let’s use spring cleaning as the perfect opportunity to exchange everything we no longer need.” – said the organizer of the fair Lina Vuletić from the Association Sunce.

On Earth Day, Monday, April 25, from 11 am to 2 pm, the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce organizes the Swap Fair of used objects in the botanical garden of SkaliceElementary School for students, teachers and citizens of Split.

“We support any action that contributes to the preservation of the environment and are happy to participate in it. Teachers put a lot of effort into fostering environmental awareness and recycling through various school activities, as well as in the school botanical garden of Mediterranean plants. Students and teachers are delighted with the Swap Fair and are looking forward to Monday.” – said Leo Botica, principal of Skalice Elementary School.

The aim of the Fair is a free exchange of used items for other items. With this type of exchange, we want to develop an awareness among citizens about the importance of circulating objects, not their unnecessary accumulation. That is why we ask the public to bring to the Fair only those items that they intend to replace.


• bring up to 3 well-preserved items (clean and functional, without stains, breakdowns…) that can serve others (books, ornaments, jewelry, accessories, toys, clothes…)

• bring your own reusable bags

• exchange your items for vouchers at the info desk

• select the items you want to take with you and exchange them for vouchers

• take the selected items home.

As a reminder, the garden of Skalice Elementary School was recently decorated according to the principles of permaculture design with the project School Botanical Garden of Mediterranean Plants, which makes it the first such garden in the area of Split. Young volunteers from the Association Sunce with project partner Permakultura Dalmacija and students of Skalice Elementary School realized the arrangement of the school botanical garden last year.

“The Association Sunce uses events and activities such as this Swap Fair as an example of what this garden can be – a step in raising awareness of students, the local community and the citizens of Split on issues of sustainable development and solidarity.” – stressed Vuletić.

The exchange fair is not a novelty for the Association. Namely, last year’s Christmas Swap Fair in Trogir, organized within the framework of the Plastic Smart Cities Croatia project,  had a very good turnout among citizens of Trogir, so they decided to repeat it in our city.

We hereby invite all citizens to join the Swap Fair and contribute to the celebration of Earth Day 2022!