Apps to help you eat healthy


After listing the apps that will help you detect harmful ingredients in cosmetics, we’ve also found a few apps to help you create a healthy diet.

1.   OpenFoodFacts
The app is free and does not require registration. It works by scanning the barcode. Once it recognizes the product, it gives you its A to E rating, information on ingredients, additives and nutritional facts, carbon footprint (CO 2 emissions) and packaging (as well as recycling instructions).
The most interesting thing about this app is that you can compare two of the same products from different manufacturers. The app allows you to scan 1.3 million products that are already in a free and open database.

2.   InFood
The application is free, does not require login and works on the principle of barcode scanning. Before using, you need to choose the “basic and premium ingredients filter” based on which the app will help you decide if a particular food is right for you or not. The proposed free filters are for foods that are: vegan, vegetarian, with a clean label, lactose-free, gluten-free and trans fat-free; while for those food safe for children and histamine you will have to pay a premium use of the app.
You can combine filters with certain ingredients you would like to avoid. Just scan the product barcode and the Infood app will notify you if any of the ingredients you have selected are on the label.

3.    Addeatives
If you want to easily find information about additives, the Addeatives app is for you. Scan the description of food ingredients and the application provides you with information on how much the product can harm your health, measured by the e-additives it contains (if any).
The application also contains a database of 366 E numbers with information about them. Not all E numbers are harmful. Some of them are vitamins, while others are synthetic substances that are dangerous if consumed in large quantities.

4.   Vivino
If you can’t find your way around the wine shelf in the store, your troubles are now over. Simply take a photo of the front label of the wine bottle and the app will list reviews, ratings, suggestions for pairing dishes and recommendations from a community of more than 10 million wine lovers worldwide.
The app is free, but requires a 10-second login via email or Facebook.

There are no reviews for a large number of Croatian wines yet, so you can be the first to rate them. Consider whether the wine is sharp, sour, or sweet, what is the hue and intensity of the color; employ your senses and become a wine expert.

5. HRana
This app is slightly different from the others, namely it provides citizens with 24-hour prompt information on the withdrawal or recall of products from the market for which there is a risk or danger to human and animal health or may adversely affect the environment.
Turn on notifications to find out first hand about harmful products on the market.