Annual work report for 2014. published by Sunce

The Sunce Association published the Work Report for 2014 with the financial statement included.

For all those interested in information only in short lines, we draw a few dashes from the Report:

The activities of the Sunce Association were also carried out in 2014 under two programs, the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Program, and the Nature Protection Program as well as the Education and Information Interaction. On the organizational level, the biggest achievement in 2014 would be the increase of visibility and public relations improvement as well as the increase of the membership of the Sunce Association.

At the program level, we would point out, in a judicial way, the delayed application of the solution of solid fuel combustion from waste at CEMEX factories, the successful coordination of associations in the “shadow list” and the advocacy of the biogeographic seminar for the establishment of the Natura 2000 network in Croatia. In 2014, the association continued to provide services that accounted for 30% of the total budget.

The Interactive Web Site of Split was started, for the reporting of the environmental problem, we established the SPLIT Environmental Council of the City within the project Together for Nature and Environment, the SEA-Med Project was launched, within which we created Sustainable Tourism Plans for Nature parks of Lastovo and Telašćica, we started the first monitoring of marine waste in Croatia within the DeFishGear project.
We have successfully participated in the tender of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature for the “Volunteer Programs in Parks of Croatia” service, and within which we have established a framework for volunteering for 19 public institutions for the management of national and nature parks of Croatia. It is important to point out that the implementation of all the services we are engaged in contributes to the strategic goals of the Association.

REVENUES: 2.142.342,00 HRK ( from the country budget and the budget of local self-government: 35.935,00 HRK, from foreign sources: 1.113.150,00 HRK, from own revenues: 602.510,00 HRK …)

EXPENDITURES: 1.894.282,00 HRK

A whole host of other projects, activities and services was implemented, but for details, please see the 2014 Work Report.