Education and Information Department



For the beginning or should we say 21 years now, Association Sunce has been emphasizing the importance of educating all generations about the need to protect and preserve the environment and nature according to the principles of sustainable development. Encouraging the changes in behavior, as well as the proactive action of the individual, are one of the foundations of the educational activities of the Association.

Since its founding in 1998, Association Sunce emphasizes the importance of educating all generations about the need to protect and preserve the environment and nature and the principles of sustainable development. Encouraging the changes in behavior and proactive action of the individual is thus a fundamental component of all educational activities carried out by the Association Sunce. One of the tasks of the Association Sunce is to provide knowledge and the latest information needed to understand the issues of environmental and nature protection and the key causes of environmental degradation at the local and global level. New generations can and must build a promising relationship with the Earth, acquire new relevant knowledge and insights, and develop abilities and skills that will help them solve existing environmental problems, as well as prevent new ones. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to introduce innovative methods of learning and teaching in schools. In this way, students from passive recipients of information, develop into active participants in the teaching process and become more aware of their rights and responsibilities, but also the possibilities and ways of acting in the community.

Educational programs for students – a tool for strengthening influence and encouraging participation

The aim of the programs intended for children and young people is to develop awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence of the living world, to encourage readiness for active and responsible participation in the community and to develop skills of perceiving problems in the community and solving them in cooperation with others. In order to contribute to the change of teaching methods and greater inclusion of the topics of environmental protection and sustainable development in educational processes, Association Sunce conducts educational programs, activities and seminars for teachers and students.

Educational activities for students – new opportunities to gain experience

Association Sunce also strives to create new opportunities for students to gain professional experience and volunteer in order to protect the nature and the environment, and thus contribute to reducing the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. Acquired knowledge and experience from practice are transferred to the student population by organizing lectures and workshops at colleges, organizing volunteering and professional practice in the Association.

Service-learning – professional practice as a model of student education and connection with higher education institutions

In addition to the need for greater influence and encouragement of active engagement of young people in volunteering, service-learning and organization of professional practice in cooperation with individual faculties proved to be excellent models.

Association Sunce is currently a host organization for additional professional practice for students of the Faculty of Economics. For the University Department of Marine Studies, the Faculty of Philosophy in Split and the Faculty of Law in Split, Association Sunce became the teaching base in 2018.

Green trips

As part of the education of children and young people about nature and its ecosystems, and as part of the development of social entrepreneurship, Sunce organizes educational trips in nature for primary school students.

The Department of Education and Information is specific due to its strong connection with other projects. We bring you a list of current projects that focus on informating, education and upbringing: