Proud of our associates and the development of Service learning program at the University of Split


On the eve of the recent, 47th celebration of the Day of the University of Split, our teachers – associates received plaques for outstanding contribution to the introduction and implementation of service-learning program at the University of Split. Based on service-learning program activities, the University of Split is ranked 21st on the World univesities with real impact scale, in the category of ethical values.

Here is a list of associates of the Sunce Association – teachers at the faculties of the University of Split:

  • Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism
    • Slađana Pavlinović Mršić, assistant professor
    • prof. Zoran Mihanović, PhD
    • prof. Lana Kordić, PhD
    • Ivana Kursan Milaković, assistant professor
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Technology
    • Ivana Carev (untill 2020., today Institut MedILS), PhD
    • prof. Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović, PhD
    • Maša Buljac, assistant professor
    • prof. Ladislav Vrsalović, PhD
    • prof. Ivana Smoljko, PhD
    • Mirko Marušić, PhD
  • University Department of Marine Studies
    • prof. Mirela Petrić, PhD
    • Zvjezdana Popović Perković, assistant professor
  • Faculty of Law
    • prof. Davorin Rudolf, PhD
  • Faculty of Philosophy
    • Ivanka Buzov, assistant professor
    • prof. Vesna Kostović Vranješ, PhD
    • Mila Bulić, postdoctoral student, PhD

We proudly recall the past six years and the projects carried out by Sunce in collaboration with partner faculties, during which we jointly built and developed knowledge and experiences related to service-learning program; involve and encourage students to design and implement local projects and build a path for active engagement of students and youth, but also the entire community in environmental protection and sustainable development.

  • Student projects – LINK
  • ESS project PAZI started in 2018.
  • The PAZI project team at the Conference service-learning in Higher Education in Madrid, 2018.
  • The PAZI project team organized the 1st Conference on service-learning at Universities, 2018.
  • Acknowledgment for Excellent Cooperation of the University of Split 2018.
  • The PAZI project team at the service-learning in Higher Education Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, 2019.
  • Split female students started separate waste collection at faculties, 2019
  • The Sunce Split Association received the University of Split Award, 2019.
  • As part of the PAZI project, the Collection on service-learning in Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development, 2020 was published.
  • The project “Healthy Diet” was successfully implemented in cooperation with the University of Split (InterCap)! through a service-learning program for students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, 2021.

Through all these projects of the Sunce Split Association, service-learning as a participatory method slowly began to be integrated into the work of several faculties of the University of Split. Without the great enthusiasm and support of the teachers involved and their home faculties, this would not have been possible.

In 2018, new projects of other civil society organizations and faculties funded through the European Social Fund were approved, and service-learning gained another boost for further development at the University.

We believe that this recognition to the University of Split, but also the recognition of the teachers involved, will further contribute to the development of service-learning and the establishment of the Center for service-learning at the University, as well as new service-learning projects in the field of environment and sustainable development. Ultimately, it is the projects of students and young people, as well as the knowledge they acquire through service-learning that will lead to a better state of the environment not only in Split, but also globally.